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6: Algorithmically Speaking with Elliott Jin of Triplebyte

Elliott Jin is the Interview Team Tech Lead at Triplebyte. You're gonna hear a lot about Project Euler in this one.

5: Learning Your Stripes with Grant Wu of Stripe

Grant Wu is a Software Engineer at Stripe on the Ruby Application Infrastructure team. He also hates scary movies, but still can’t stop himself from reading their IMDB synopses.

4: A Graphic(s) Conversation with Lauren Budorick of Figma

Lauren Budorick is Graphics Software Engineer at Figma. She’s also read the 1989a .gif spec, yet still refuses to pronounce them as "JIFs."

3. Getting Time Serious with Richie Artoul of Uber

Richie Artoul is a software engineer on Uber's Observability infrastructure team. He also really likes distributed timeseries databases, like a lot.

2: Epic Slacking with Roo Harrigan of Slack

Roo Harrigan is the Strategic Engineering Projects Lead at Slack. She’s also the self-proclaimed Mentor Queen.

1: A Quantum of Sad Things Happening to Felix Tripier of IonQ

Felix Tripier is a software engineer at a quantum computing company. He's also eating cold lasagna out of a coffee mug.